I have never denied my creative passion or my inner witch. So, with Meminabox watching over us, I continue on the journey of transformation, bringing my vision of my best creative life with me.

The journeys I have been on over the last 30 years, the plans, the wants, the what ifs, the trials and errors…the culmination of a crafty witch…the desire to brew up something new that cohesively intermingles all the creative passions of my life and hope the outside world finds appreciation and enjoyment in my passion to create.

I read once that the best way to explain a creative mind is to imagine 500+ browser windows open at the same time. That about sums it up! So don’t be surprised if you see something obscure or seemingly out of place. I have a lot of things on the drawing board, get bored easily and jump around projects to make my soul happy.

While the majority of products on this site are made in-house, I’ve partnered with some great artisans over the years who have amazing pieces I had to share. I have also built strong and long-lasting relationships with local printing and promotion companies to accommodate larger/special stock orders.  So I love helping our fellow vendors and local businesses come up with print and marketing materials.

If you are still reading, thank you for your interest! I hope you find something from WWP to make your soul happy too!

aka Jacki, Momma, Mom, Bruh, Cuz, Jax, Keltic, KW, Slavedriver

Let me introduce you to the people that make this crazy ride work.

Chris aka Cuz, CuzzieWuzzieWasABear, Aunt Chris, MomMom, Arm & Hammer.  Chris is the yin to my yang, my partner in this crazy crafty life we call Ohana Creative (also the best cousin on the planet, but I digress).  While I do most of the behind the scenes stuff these days.  Chris is a creative beast in her own right when it comes to making product.  She brings a lot of the build and mechanical end to what we do. When we come together and Cuzzie Tag Team, we knock it out of the park. The passion and heart she puts into everything she makes is impressive. She keeps the wheels greased and operations running smooth.

Marie aka Rie, Aunt Rie, Hey Lady, Babe or as I affectionally call her AhMyRie (there is a story here, but I’ll tell you about it in a fun post later) has stepped up and is Chris’ backup / travel partner at shows.  She has a great eye, is funny, sarcastic and amazing with customers.  She encourages us and cheerleads everything we do. She fits right in with the crazy.

Josh aka The WiT, my left hand, the schleper of all things, Stretch, Jolly Green Giant.  He is my wax melt maker, keeps us caffeinated, moves all the things, helps prep product and will (sometimes begrudgingly) jump in wherever we need him to help.  He has a great eye and I value his opinion.  He is usually my color and typeface consultant.  He also keeps all the computer equipment functional.

Jake aka The Mini WiT, Jakeybutt, Little J.  Jake is the all around helper.  Is Boy Friday a thing?  He will clean, caffeinate, take out the trash, help prep product. He is learning design so he can start putting things together and has a good eye already.  He loudly offers opinions (I don’t know where that comes from) and helps me make some of the creative decisions.


As you can tell we’re busy and its definitely a family affair!  Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the ride!


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