Hi! It’s me, Jacki…aka The HWIC, Mom of WiTs, Keltic, KW, Jack, Jacks, Jackson, Cuz, Slavedriver. I don’t often post pics of myself, but I’m trying new things for 2022.

I’m a graphic designer, signmaker, screenprinter, crafter and I love making all the things. I like different and twisted. Most of my projects are mixed media because I get bored easily and I like pushing boundaries.  You never know what you are going to find on my workbench…I can guarantee most of it starts off “well, lets try this”.  Wicked Witch Productions has been around in one form or another since 1987, this incarnation official as of 2018. 

WWP has several brands/sister companies including Ohana Creative which is jointly run with Cuz, Wicked Farmhouse Signs, Wicked Cards and Journals, and Cauldron Clothing.  They all overlap and blend together.

Let me introduce you to the people that make this crazy ride work.

Chris aka Cuz, CuzzieWuzzieWasABear, Aunt Chris, MomMom, Arm & Hammer.  Chris is the yin to my yang, my partner in this crazy crafty life we call Ohana Creative (also the best cousin on the planet, but I digress).  While I do most of the behind the scenes stuff these days.  Chris is a beast when it comes to making product and is the face you meet at shows.  The passion and heart she puts into everything she makes is impressive. She keeps the wheels greased and operations running smooth.

Marie aka Rie, Hey Lady, Babe or as I affectionally call her AhMyRie (there is a story here, but I’ll tell you about it in a fun post later) has stepped up and is Chris’ backup / travel partner at shows.  She has a great eye, is funny, sarcastic and amazing with customers.  She encourages us and cheerleads everything we do. She fits right in with the crazy.

Josh aka The WiT, my left hand, the schleper of all things, Stretch, Jolly Green Giant.  He is my wax melt maker, keeps us caffeinated, moves all the things, helps prep product and will (sometimes begrudgingly) jump in wherever we need him to help.  He has a great eye and I value his opinion.  He is usually my color and typeface consultant.  He also keeps all the computer equipment functional.

Jake aka The Mini WiT, Jakeybutt, Little J.  Jake is the all around helper.  Is Boy Friday a thing?  He will clean, caffeinate, take out the trash, help prep product. He is learning design so he can start putting things together and has a good eye already.  He loudly offers opinions (I don’t know where that comes from) and helps me make some of the creative decisions.


As you can tell we’re busy and its definitely a family affair!  Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the ride!


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