MINE...yours (20 oz Tumbler)

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Hot & spicy love, where passion melts into delicious submission. This isn't just a Valentine's Day accessory, it's a whispered command, a sizzling brand on your soul. In the depths of its sleek steel, a stark declaration burns: MINE. But within that possessive claim lies a smoldering promise, a whispered "yours" that ignites every nerve ending.

Imagine a lover's gaze, not soft and pleading, but fierce and consuming. A lover who wraps you in velvet shadows, claiming your breath with possessive kisses. This dark intensity bleeds onto the tumbler, an echo of the thrilling surrender you crave.

Handcrafted with love and a touch of molten desire in our own studio, this tumbler is your secret pact, your declaration to the world that your love burns with an untamed flame.

Embrace the darkness. Surrender to your desire. And find your perfect storm in the depths of the MINE...yours Tumbler.

All items printed and produced in-house with love and a touch of whispered secrets. Because your passion deserves something as intense as you are.

Custom orders welcome! We love crafting bespoke expressions of your fiery devotion.

Personalization available! Add names, initials, or a secret code to make your tumbler a truly intimate token of your surrender.

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