He Claimed Ownership (20 oz Tumbler)

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Forget fluttering hearts and shy glances, this Valentine's Day, plunge into the intoxicating heat of the He Claimed Ownership 20 oz Tumbler. Handcrafted with a touch of possessive fire and whispered dominance, this vessel isn't just for your favorite beverage; it's a sizzling declaration of a love that marks you as theirs, body and soul.

Imagine a stolen kiss, not hesitant or coy, but bold and consuming. A kiss that sends shivers down your spine, branding you with the undeniable mark of desire. This intimate scene graces the tumbler, a glimpse into the electrifying power dynamics that fuel your romance.

Handcrafted with love and a smoldering ember of possessiveness in our own studio. Because your passion deserves something as intense and consuming as you are.

Custom orders welcome! We love crafting bespoke expressions of your fiery devotion. Personalization available! Add names, initials, or a secret codeword to make your tumbler a truly intimate token of his claim.

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